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Data protection information

We value your trust. This means that we respect data protection regulations and inform you about any data that is collected and stored as well as your rights with respect to information, correction, blocking and deletion.

1. Data collection and storage

When you visit a website, the browser always sends information about browser type and version, the related operating system, referrer's URL, IP address, file names, access status, the amount of data transmitted, and date and time of the server request. This data is not assigned to a person or to other data sources; it is initially stored and then deleted after being statistically evaluated.

2. Cookies

Your browser also stores "cookies". Cookies are essentially files that are supposed to make surfing the Internet more user-friendly. You can disable the cookie functionality by going to your browser's settings.

3. Information, correction, blocking and deletion

Personal data is only collected with your consent in terms of answering inquiries, processing contracts and for technical administration purposes, and is stored in such a way that it is inaccessible to third parties. Data is only transmitted to third parties for the purpose of processing the contract or with your consent, which you can revoke at any time. We do not transmit or sell personal data.

At any time, you can request information about what data has been stored, why it was stored, and where it originated from. In addition, pursuant to legal provisions you have the right to correct, block, or delete personal data. You can submit a respective inquiry or request to correct, block, or delete personal data by utilizing the contact information specified on the website.

Source and additional information: "just law" law firm in Göttingen (

4. Transmitting data to competent authorities

At the behest of competent authorities, we may on a case-by-case basis disclose information about data, provided this information is required for the purpose of criminal prosecution, in order for the police departments of the federal states to avert danger, to fulfill the legal tasks of the federal and state constitution protection authorities, of the German Intelligence Service or of the Military Counter-Intelligence Service or to enforce intellectual property rights.

5. Google Analytics

Data referred to under item 1 is stored apart from any personal data that you might provide and thus no conclusions can be drawn to a specific person. The data is evaluated for statistical purposes so we can better optimize our Internet presence and our range of options.

To this end, we use Google® Analytics software. Google's data protection information is available here:


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