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Beauty comes from inside. Beauty in a bottle.

Beauty Booster Drink

An unhealthy diet, stress and lack of sleep may have a negative impact on our skin‘s youthful appearance. Mature women have more sophisticated needs. The Beauty Booster Drink delivers the lubricating anti-wrinkle ingredient hyaluronic acid. Combined with effective “anti-stress plants” like roseroot and antioxidant-rich phytonutrients such as blueberries, blood orange, apple and grape skin extracts, green tea and many more, we get a powerful and highly concentrated tonic. Vitamins and trace elements for skin, hair, nails, energy metabolism and immune system round off the formula.

This drink provides support from the inside out and helps you look younger and more radiant.

Enjoy the delicious taste - it satisfies even the most pampered palates.

Our gourmet tip

Enjoy the Beauty Booster Drink on the rocks and
topped off with champagne at your beauty party!

General data
Nutritional data
Technical data

Food supplement with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants

with hyaluronic acid
with magnesium, zinc, B-vitamins, niacin and biotin
with rhodiola rosea, green tea, bilberry and red orange extracts
with natural flavours
without artificial sweeteners

Possible Health Claims
Biotin, vitamin B2, niacin and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal skin.
Zinc has a role in the process of cell division.
Zinc contributes to normal acid-base metabolism.
Biotin and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal skin, hair and nails.

per serving
(à 60ml)
Reference Value
per serving (%)
Vitamin D3
µg 5
Vitamin B1
mg 1,1
Vitamin B2
mg 1,4
Niacin (NE)
mg 16
Vitamin B6
mg 1,4
Vitamin B12
µg 2,5
µg 50
mg 56,25
mg 1,5
Hyaluronic acid
mg 50
Green tea extract
mg 9
Rhodiola Rosea extract
mg 10
Bilberry extract
mg 3
Aapple grape extract
mg 10
thereof polyphenols
mg 9,5
Red orange extract
mg 10
mg 3

Recommendation: 1 bottle (60ml) per day.

Shake well before use.
Do not expose to direct sunlight. Store at room temperature.

Important notes:
Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
Food supplements are not intended to replace a varied and balanced nutrition.
Keep out of reach of children.

Minimum order quantity
on request
Filled in
60ml PET bottles (white) with a PP top and tamper evident ring (white)
Sleeved with:
PET foil (50µ) can accommodate up to 14 printed colors available as full body or body sleeve
Packed in
44 pcs 60ml PET bottles/plastic box
EAN code possible
Delivered on a euro-pallet
3,432 pcs 60ml PET bottles/pallet
EAN and NVE (Engl.: SSCC) codes possible
Item No.

We also deliver customized folding boxes upon request.


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