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Sun Protect Drink

Your skin may quickly become irritated particularly the first time you sit out in the sun after a long winter. The same thing might happen when exposed to the sun‘s strong rays in the mountains when skiing or hiking. So-called ‚free radicals‘ develop in the skin that speed up skin aging and may increase the risk of skin irritation. In order to minimize these risks and prevent early skin aging, we recommend supporting your skin and being proactive from the inside out.

The Sun Protect Drink is an optimum way to proactively protect your skin and body before you expose it to the sun – a selected combination of calcium and vitamins A, C and E was specifically developed for this purpose.

Don‘t forget to stock your beauty case with our Sun Protect Drink with its fresh orange taste.

Our gourmet tip

Enjoy our Sun Protect Drink with a scoop
of vanilla ice cream (what we call a "Sunny Angel")
while you relax on your deck chair in the sun.

General data
Nutritional data
Technical data

Food Supplement with vitamins and minerals

with 200mg calcium
with 80mg natural vitamin C from acerola extract
with natural vitamin E
with manganese, iodine and the vitamins A, D3
with natural flavours
without artificial sweeteners

Possible Health Claims
Vitamin A and iodine contribute to the maintenance of normal skin.
Manganese, vitamin E and C contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.
Vitamin D contributes to normal absorption/utilisation of calcium and phosphorus.
Vitamin D contributes to normal blood calcium levels.
Calcium and vitamin D have a role in the process of cell division.
Vtamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin.

per serving
(à 60ml)
Reference Value
per serving (%)
Vitamin A (RE)
µg 196
natural Vitamin E
mg 1,8
Vitamin D3
µg 5
Vitamin C
mg 80
mg 200
mg 1
µg 150
Acerola extract
mg 1333
µg 773
(mixed tocopherols)
mg 19,8

Recommendation: 1 bottle (60ml) per day.

Shake well before use.
Do not expose to direct sunlight. Store at room temperature.

Important notes:
Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
Food supplements are not intended to replace a varied and balanced nutrition.
Keep out of reach of children.

Minimum order quantity
on request
Filled in
60ml PET bottles (white) with a PP top and tamper evident ring (white)
Sleeved with:
PET foil (50µ) can accommodate up to 14 printed colors available as full body or body sleeve
Packed in
44 pcs 60ml PET bottles/plastic box
EAN code possible
Delivered on a euro-pallet
3,432 pcs 60ml PET bottles/pallet
EAN and NVE (Engl.: SSCC) codes possible
Item No.

We also deliver customized folding boxes upon request.


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