Business Minidrink


Brainstorming for your products

We implement your requests reliably and professionally. Our approach is the same whether the specific project is about developing new products or optimizing more than 300 existing recipes.We are sure to have a solution for any idea you might have!

We take customer service seriously and provide individual concept development for your product portfolio in terms of product management and sales, packaging design support and support with the product declaration in compliance with legal regulations.

We would be happy to take care of all the coordination aspects, from the brainstorming stage to the shipping of your product. Make use of Sanomed's full-service concept!


Cutting-edge product developments

The entire focus of our internal research and development department is on making sure our products and ideas are cutting edge so we can provide you with an perfect product.

We have over 20 years of experience in this area. No matter whether sports nutrition-, health product-related or our new minidrinks, we will identify the appropriate solution for your desired product. In addition to quality, our priority here is on technical stability, taste and appearance. We have over 400 ingredients to choose from. If we don't happen to have the ingredient you are looking for, we would be happy to check with our suppliers. Your recipe is customized specifically for you.


Individuals sample of your products

A sample of your future minidrink is blended in Sanomed's development department based on what you had envisioned for the product in combination with our additional ideas. You are thus able to test the selected ingredients in different variations.

Whether concentrated beverages, supplement-balanced diets, medical, sports or cosmetic nutritional supplements – our competent development team will create the ideal mix of basic substances and additives.


Checking raw materials for your nutritional supplement products

Our regulatory department is intensively focused on food regulation matters.

After a concept has been finalized for your minidrink, we will provide you a detailed recommended declaration with all the important information (e.g. nutritional information, allergens, name under which the product will be sold, etc.).

You can start designing the packaging materials for your product based on this information, and we would be glad to help you!


Individual design for your nutritional supplements

Your nutritional supplements should not only stand out from the competition in terms of quality – but the packaging of your nutritional products should be unique as well! The structural format plays a significant role in this. A well-suited, unique design accentuates individual products!

In order to give your nutritional supplement an exceptional look, we offer our new minidrink bottles in 60ml with fullbody-sleeve.


Innovative production

The many years of experience we have gained working with liquid products and cutting-edge technologies ensures that we can be highly flexible in implementing customer requests.

Our portfolio includes mixtures from aqueous to highly concentrated, dispersions and emulsions, pasteurization or sterile filtration und filling on state-of-the-art production lines. All processes are based upon the strictest hygiene standards. Production is also accompanied by a strictly documented batch recording process.


Precise and clean filling

For safety reasons, here at Sanomed we only fill products in a filtered air environment. Bottles are filled and then immediately afterwards are sealed with a tamper-evident cap. To be on the absolute safe side the fill amount is verified at this stage and underfilled bottles are removed.

Our production lines are able to accommodate a wide variety of fill sizes and packaging options.


Diligent preparation of your products

Your products are packaged by a team of experienced professionals. Quality and cleanliness are our highest priority. Quality controls are conducted regularly throughout the entire preparation process in order to ensure that we only produce flawless products.  Innovative logistic processes ensure the appropriate preparation of all packages. Every single step of the preparation is regulated and documented in specifications contained in Sanomed's quality manual. We bundle the final packages into shipping boxes according to your specifications. These boxes are then placed on pallets according to fixed guidelines so they are ready to be shipped.


Quick and safe shipping

Once the products are cleared by an external institute, the shipping process for your products can get started.

The necessary logistical data is generated by our packaging and shipping department and clearly affixed to the shipping boxes and palettes. This ensures that the shipment can be easily and accurately traced the entire way from when it leaves our company until it arrives at the specific location.


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